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5 Pharmacy items you should buy for black friday

Your 2019 Health Shopping Checklist

We know, we know. Shopping for health items is the worst. It’s daunting. Confusing. Distressing. And really boring. But it’s pretty necessary, and why not get a discount because its black friday. Invest in some self-care with the slimmest prices in fitness classes, home gyms, massage guns and more.

Black Friday week is finally here, but the sales aren't limited to iPads, headphones and other gadgets. It's also a good time to get a jump on your New Year's resolutions thanks to sales on health and fitness products and services. We're seeing plenty of sales and discounts on everything from DNA testing kits to treadmills to percussive therapy guns and more.

The health and beauty category is enormous and includes many different products. Medications, vitamins, supplements and eye care are just some of the items in the health section. As for beauty, this encompasses haircare products, makeup, body care essentials, fragrances and nail care items. Products in both categories feature old favorites and the goods that are the next big thing. For example, when you’re looking for hair removal products, you can purchase a classic razor or opt for a high-tech laser hair remova

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