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Adding Medication (Part 1 of 4): Using the barcode scanner

A quick look at how to add medication to Memo with the barcode scanner

TranscriptIn this video will discuss the three ways you can add medication to the memo health assistant app. There are actually Four ways but the fourth way is a secret so we'll discuss that later…To get started:

  • Open up the app
  • Tap on the my meds button to open up the medication management module
  • As you can see currently there are no medications

To add medications:

  • You need to tap on the add button

The Barcode ScannerThe first way you can add medication… is to use the barcode scanner. This is the quickest and easiest way - A wise man once said: the barcode scanner is awesome. In fact it can even recognise medication underwater but that's another story for another day.As soon as you tap the add button the barcode scanner is activatedAll you have to do now is Focus the camera on the barcode and app will recognise the medicationAnd that's how to add medication using the barcode scanner

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