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Adding Medication (Part 2 of 4): Barcode scanner not working

What happens when the Barcode scanner can't recognise a medication?


Memo health assistant can currently recognise 7753 medications, this is the same number in rands that the petrol price will be next week.

The good thing about this number is that it means that the majority of medications that you scan will will will be recognised automatically by the app but what happens if memo doesn't recognise the medication that you want to add?

That's what the second method of adding medication comes in

For the purposes of this video we had to use a really really strong medication that we knew the app would not recognise, so… follow the same procedure as before but this time when you point the the camera at the barcode the app does not recognise the medication and gives you the option to add the medication manually.

Here you can type the name of your medication manually

And that's how to add medication when the barcode scanner doesn't work.

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