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Adding Medication (Part 3 of 4): Manual entry of Medication

Adding medication to the app manually


Sometimes you may need to add medication that you're pretty sure Memo Health Assistant won't be able to recognise, this can be things like naturally occurring herbs and spices and that concoction your mother makes every time you have the flu.

For these medications you can use our third way of adding medication and opt to use manual entry from the start.

Follow the same steps as before:

  • Open the MyMeds module
  • Tap on add

You don't need the barcode scanner this time because there's nothing to scan, so just type the name of the medication that you want to add manually. From there select your medication type - Memo comes built-in with a ton of different types of medication - let's use a sachet for this example.

  • Press the continue button

And that's how to manually add medication to memo

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