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Adding Medication (Part 4 of 4): Adding medication for someone else

Add medication for a friend or loved one


Great so you have made it through the three main ways you can add medication to the app, now let's talk about the Fourth way. Memo was designed to help you to manage the health of people that you care about. This all happens within the community module.

So lets tap on community to open the model - In my community i currently have 3 people that I'm helping to manage their meds

  • Manny
  • Steve
  • and Kwezi

Let’s work with manny - cos he has a snazzy car

  • Select Manny
  • Tap on add

And you’re back to the medication addition activity that by now you are used to. From here you can use any of the other methods we spoke about before to add medication for Manny.

That is:

  • The barcode scanner
  • Manual entry

And thats how to add medication for somebody in your community

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