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Using the barcode scanner

A quick look at how the barcode scanner works in the Memo app


So we had an absolutely incredible time at the healthcare Innovation Summit this year. We got to meet a lot of really cool people and kind of see what is going on in the African healthcare space and digital health in particular.

So from the summit one of the features of the app that people were most impressed with and had questions about was actually the barcode scanner.

So just quickly there are 2 main reasons why somebody wouldn't take their medication:

  • Intentional Non Aherence
  • Unintentional Non Adherence

One of them is that they've purposefully decided that I don't like the taste of this medication Or I just don't like this medication and so I'm not going to take it. In which case we can't really help you with the app.

But if you're like me and you keep forgetting which medication you are taking, well that's where the barcode scanner comes in.

So the app can actually recognise currently 7753 medications straight off the barcode scanner, which is really cool because now you no longer have to remember the names of your medications, It's not your problem - the App can take care of that.

So the basic procedure here would be:

  • Open the app
  • Open the My Medication section
  • Press add medication
  • Point the camera at the barcode of the medication

It takes a while to focus sometimes but as soon as it does, just like that the app will recognise the medication. From there you can send a reminder schedule and basically get the app to help you to take your medication.

One of our goals with the memo project is basically to increase accessibility to healthcare so we picked up a low end device - This is a Mobicel phone that costs R499.00 at most shops and it works completely fine here too.

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