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Get Your "Plogging" On for a Cleaner Planet

"Go Plogging instead of just Jogging, it's good for your health and for our planet."

For our Fitness Friday feature this week and since our theme is all about reminders this month we wanna take a moment and look at our planet, we all live here and it's our sole responsibility to keep it clean and healthy. But what can be done that would take the least amount of effort and can fit into the things you already love and do.?

Apparently, there is a really fun way you can do just that and its called "Plogging". Some of you may know or have heard about it and some maybe not. It's basically an exercise-meets-eco-friendly activity started in Sweden and has since spread to countries all over the world. The word #plogging comes from the Swedish word “plocka upp” which means pick up combined with “jogging” - clever right.

Memo_go plogging for a cleaner planet

So what's the hype all about? Think about this quickly - Running is good for your health and picking up litter is good for the planet’s health so why not combine the two?. That was the whole idea behind “plogging,” so instead of just running, you pick up any litter you see along the way.

Why no effort?- cause you can incorporate this into your daily workout routine like when having that quick warm-up run around the block or instead of lifting weights lift bags of litter and once you’re finished, you chuck that bag in the bin, sounds fun right.

Reasons to get your "Plogging" on

  1. "Plogging" brings awareness to just how much litter lies our streets, parks, and trails.It's an easy, feel-good way to make a direct impact in your community and its surroundings by cleaning up the streets.
  2. According to various online reports and fitness trends, plogging is more rewarding than the average job and not just because of the added feel-good factor.
  3. Bending over to pick up litter is good for your core strength, while the added weight is good for your arms.
  4. You don’t need any special equipment for plogging, apart from a bag to put litter in, just your regular running gear and perhaps some gloves if you don’t want to touch any nasty litter.
Memo_jogging vs plogging

We would like to encourage you to stay active, stay fit and make "plogging" part of your daily routine, get family and friends to join in on the fun and let's all get our "Plogging" on for our-self and for our planet.

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Source/Credit:Self by Jenny McCoy

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