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Hit that sweet spot with this peppermint crisp tart recipe

Gents!! End off Women's Month with a bang with this easy and delicious peppermint tart desert recipe which might score you maximum points, if you get it right.

So Gents, this is our last recipe for Women's Month and we decided to finish it off with a truly delicious and seductive peppermint crisp tart desert -If you haven't tasted yet you can't really call yourself South African (just saying).

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Ok, here's the deal, we all know that when you decide to prepare a meal you start with breakfast - It’s quick, easy and impressive (You really can’t flop). What about when you are feeling romantic? Candlelight dinner?WRONGTo score maximum points you need to kill the dessert! It’s all about the sweet spot lol If you do this right your night might not end with the last bite 📷📷Before we get to the recipe, a quick word of encouragement. You don't have to be a pro like Jamie Oliver to whip up this delicious desert (which comes from some of the our nation's best pastry chefs — who also happen to be women by the way). It's really easy and you can get all the ingredients at your local Pick & Pay.

What are you waiting for get cooking and if you master this one please do share your experience with us and all your friends, like comment and share on social media using the hashtags #MemoTastyTuesday#MemoStories#ShareTheGood

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