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How to find your feet at a new job

Here are five helpful ways to calm those nerves and settle into your new job swiftly.

Starting a new job in 2020 can be a whirlwind of emotions as you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and into an unfamiliar environment. From the first day, you are adjusting to a new environment, meeting new faces and learning the ropes. It can be daunting. But, the sooner you can face those fears, the sooner you can dive in and start making an impact.

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Here are five helpful ways to keep those nerves at bay, ease your fears, and help you to find your feet at a new job.

Be positive

It’s important to maintain a positive attitude and show your enthusiasm. Always looking on the bright side may sound cliché, but positive thinking and always smiling are the building blocks of a positive personal attitude. Having a positive attitude in the workplace won't necessarily make you better at your job, but it will improve the way people view you as a person, so they may be more inclined to help you succeed and cheer you on. Use positive language, never criticize anyone, stay away from gossip, be a team player and never complain.

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Connect with your new colleagues

Walking into a new work environment can be intimidating, so it is natural for one to retreat into themselves and shies away from others. but it’s important to put yourself out there and network. Start by introducing yourself instead of relying on your co-workers to do it for you and ask people what their role entails when starting your new job.

how to find your feet at a new job
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To make a real connection, show genuine interest and be your true self. Get to truly know people and be genuine in your intentions. Don’t just show interest in those that are in positions to further your career but talk to those who can seemingly do nothing for you. You’d be surprised how much support the cleaning lady can offer if you see her as a person worthy of your time.

Perform all tasks on time

Starting a new job can be disorientating. You have to navigate a new environment, new faces and new demands placed on you by the role. With all the chaos, it is easy for one to lose track of the tasks that are required of us. Failing to perform tasks on time can ruin your reputation among your colleagues and superiors.

how to find your feet at a new job
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That’s why it’s important to use tools such as to-do lists and checklists to keep track of things. You can even set up weekly, monthly lists if you find the need for it and use checklists to keep up with details. Starting a new job, it's important to be consistent and reliable when it comes to doing your work, will take a weight off your shoulders and help you settle in quicker.

Take charge of your career path by engaging your boss

No one is more invested in your future than you are. Don’t wait for your manager to enlighten you with his or her version of your next. Instead, own up to the fact that neither your organization nor your manager is in charge of your next step. You are. Use meetings with your boss as an opportunity to assess whether you are on the right track and doing everything that is expected of you. Take the initiative.

how to find your feet at a new job
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Having the conversation is as simple as saying “Jaco, I’d like to talk about what the next step in my career looks like. I’d really like it to be with this organization, but the next steps here aren’t completely clear to me.” Closed mouths don’t get fed, speak up and make your ambition known.

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Be helpful

It’s always important to offer help to others from time to time when a colleague needs it. This is a great way to learn new skills, get involved in projects you may not have been exposed to previously and to show your everyone that you are a team player. Even if it is not in your job description, be generous with pointers or tips to help your team members.

how to find your feet at a new job
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For example, if a member of your team is having trouble with a technology tool that is easy for you, offer to sit down with him and show him what you know. Helping your colleagues improve your reputation and make you a prized member of new teams. It can lead to new opportunities within your company or even a new job.

A final word before we go

Remember, when you help others, they want to help you in return. Acts of kindness always pay dividends and can truly go a long way.

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