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It's YOUR turn to cook - you know who you are! 🧐🧐

To all the guys out there looking to spoil that special lady in your life with a well deserved day off this Women's Month..A must read..👍

Attention gents!! its Women's month... and whilst everybody else is sharing pink things, we wanted to keep it simple. Lets be real for a sec, there is loads of controversy about who's duty it really is to cook - we will leave that argument up to you and yours🤣🤣 but when it's Women's month... dude... it's totally your turn!

And besides... real men wear aprons! - Just saying...

So because we don't trust you alone in the kitchen... we're gonna help you out. Over the next few #TastyTuesdays we will be swinging some suuuuper easy recipes your way so you can shine in the kitchen whilst appreciating what she handles without complaint all of the time.First up: Breakfast - Hawaiian OmeletteYou can get the full recipe here, just click on this link 👉 to download...enjoy

On the side...

The Memo team wants to specially shout out the Women in our lives. I discovered my wife loves it when I clean the utensils; unending thanks keep flowing. My beef stew, spaghetti and mince is apparently the best she has ever eaten (probably a lie). Some of the team can (apparently) make killer butternut soup... and for the rest of us, our special skill is finding the nearest KFC.

The occasional chef...

I love the smile I see on my wife’s face when I chip in. It does not demean me when I prepare a meal or wash the dishes - It makes her feel special and loved. Truth be told, when she is happy I am the primary beneficiary.At times being with her in the kitchen as she masterfully prepares a meal is all she wants. I have learnt that time spent is the most important thing in the world. Let's catch up on your day, let's add some crazy ingredients, let the kids see how much we enjoy each others company.🌹🌹🌹My fellow gentlemen, whether you can cook or not... it's your turn!If you liked this one make sure you share it and make it go viral cause every man does need to read this. Make sure to use the hashtags #memohealtassistant #memostories #getmemo #sharethegood

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