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Mom's Top 5 Flu Season Chicken Soup recipes

Research suggests that your mom was right about chicken soup, need we say more.

There’s much wisdom in ‘feed a fever, starve a cold’, as nutrition plays a huge role in your recovery. If you’re like us, then, every time you got the ‘flu, mom would make a big pot of chicken soup right... and after having a bowl or two, you’d soon start to feel better. Research suggests that your mom was right, after all. Penicillin, a powerful antibiotic, is found in chicken bones and infuses the soup so you getting all the good stuff.

Chicken Soup recipes_getmemo

So, without further a due here’s mom’s top 5 most nutritious, packed with goodness flu season chicken soup recipes to help get you back to your old self when you man down.

1. Homemade Classic Flu Fighting Chicken Soup

Feel good delicious homemade chicken soup recipe perfect for any occasion whether you have the flu or not. If you have the flu than this recipe is perfect for you, it’s packed with all the nutrients and get well soon ingredients needed to get you back to your old self in no time.

Chicken Soup recipes_getmemo
Download the full recipe here: Flu Fighting Chicken Soup

2. Chicken Zoodle Faux Pho

This recipe has a combination of fresh ginger, garlic, coconut milk and fish sauce that appeases that craving for Asian flavours without dishing up a single chilli pepper. The zoodles add just the right amount of noodle to the mix so the balance is just perfect. So get yourself a scrummy bowl of this Chicken Zoodle Faux Pho!, you will not regret it.

Chicken soup recipes_Zoodle Faux Pho
Download the full recipe here: Eat Heal Thrive

3. Pot Pie Chicken Soup

One of the most comforting soup recipes out there and it’s served in a bowl. The rich and creamy flavours fit for the current season, you know the rainy days, cold weather and not to mention the sniffles that come with the flu season. It is so delicious, it's pretty much perfect any time you want a big bowl of comfort soup to heat you up not to mention it’s healthy too.

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Download the full recipe here: My Heart Beets

4. Roast Chicken Soup

Nothing goes down better than this scrumptious roast chicken soup. This recipe is made with only one batch of chicken broth, that's around 8 cups. Make sure you keep the pan drippings from the chicken you cooked as they add a ton of flavours to the overall recipe believe it or not.!

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Download the full recipe here: It’s All About AIP

5. Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, ready in just 30-Minutes

Ready in just 30 minutes the soup is by far one of the easiest to prepare and it's packed with all the comforting qualities you want in classic chicken noodle soup. If you wanna save time, use leftover chicken. We like to use egg noodles for this one but any other pasta will work just fine. Add enough salt in your soup for taste and you ready in no time.

chicken soup_homemade chicekn noodles
Download the full recipe here: Averie Cooks

Please feel free to share these recipes with family and friends, it’s affordable, delicious and will keep winter at bay… even if you don’t have the ‘flu!

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chicken soup recipes_getmemo
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