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What's your favourite Heritage Day recipes?

Meet the Great Gatsby! - and you can eat him 😋😋

September is Heritage Month, we usually celebrate this month with lots of braaivleis right and we will get to that, but the truth is that there is more to our food heritage than just meat on a braai. So for our #TastyTuesdays this month we’ve rounded up a bunch of our favourite recipes which not only speak the local language but it also brings together all the SA flavours we love so much.

No matter where you’re from, food has always found a way of taking your hand and guiding you on a stroll down memory lane, at times it even provides comfort and of course reminds us of our momma's cooking, that sweet taste of home.

First up is this delicious PERI-PERI CHICKEN LIVERS GATSBY recipe

What we love most about this one, in particular, is the fact that you can literally sandwich anything with chips and call it a Gatsby, but we thought you might like this peri-peri inspired version. A hot, crispy, and tender sandwich that's sure to hit all the right spots. For us, this might just be one of the best heritage day recipes.😋

heritage day recipes_getmemo

The Gatsby is proudly South African and one of the most iconic dishes in Cape Town, we also know that it just happens to be one of the least complicated foods to prepare, even if the name sounds fancy. This super sandwich is traditionally filled with salad, loads of saucy chips, and meat, all held together by a fresh delicious bun. If you want to keep it really traditional add some viennas or polony, or if you want to jazz it up a little, try some masala steak, curry, or perhaps chicken livers.

Note of advice, this sarmie is usually pretty monstrous so if you order a full one, make sure you have buddies with you to help smash it. As a side note, this version is also perfect for hangovers..just saying

heritage day recipes_getmemo

Ps. Don’t feel overwhelmed when you start planning for your Heritage Day, stick with us and we'll help you out. Now before you go, tell us, what's some of your favourite heritage day recipes to celebrate the month with. You can share this on any of our social media channels.

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