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When sleeping women wake, mountains move.🌋🗻

The single mom, the working mother, the family-orientated career woman…these days, our place as the ‘anchor of the home’ has been pushed to the side by life, and at the speed of life, too. Have we fallen asleep? Do we still care?....

That ancient African proverb holds more true today than it ever did. Sure, when we cast a rearward glance through history and time, we find that a great many injustices were prevented... even stopped... by the single-handed action of a few good women. But, let's zero in on the modern woman for a moment. The single mom, the working mother, the family-orientated career woman.

Photo by Hannah Grace- Unsplash

Proverbially speaking, of course, 'sleep' and 'slumber' in this context - at least for me - means inaction. You know, the whole story about how evil prevails when good people do nothing. In the South African context, the woman is, and always has been, the anchor in the home. In our home, we got away with murder when my mom was oblivious to what me and my siblings were up to. One of the things I fancied myself being, as a kid, was a world-famous soap sculptor. I'm not even sure if such a thing exists, but my mother kept those long bars of green soap she used for washing up, in the cupboard under the sink. My favourite thing to do was to sneak one out, and using her best kitchen knife (nothing than the best would do, after all, I was an artist), and carve all manner of objects with it. Barbie doll figures, mostly. But when she woke up to my sneaky ways, she carved my backside good and proper, and I never sculpted soap again. So, what's my point in all of this?

What will happen to the status quo one day, when we, as women, wake up? Yes, you can count on it, mountains will be moved by the single mom, the working mother, the family-orientated career woman.

While it seems that everyone around us all have a great time doing what we want, and caring little for the environment, our society, and in raising and preparing the next generation to take their place in the world, we've gotten away with murder. We've erected mountains in the path of our own development, and they have, for the moment, gone unnoticed.

Photo by Sam Manns-Unsplash

So, to all the women of this great land, let us arise and rouse ourselves from slumber. Take your rightful place, because without you, our mountains will remain.

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